March 10, 1980

Vietnam Experiences Unfiled

So my best friend and I (who I met 18 years later in college) were born overseas in the same town in the same hospital, Bien Hoa, Ho Nai. I'll have to put in a map. pretty neat. They say it's a small world. That's evidence of the truth in that saying there.

So I was born March 10th in 1980 with a humungus mole on my right eyebrow. It appears a little smaller now since my head has gotten bigger but apparantly it was so hideous my grandmother took to a local remedy in shrimp peels and seaweed. She used this concoction to rub on my mole in hopes that it would disappear. It's still there. and the seaweed acted like a chia-pet agent, I have to constantly trim it to keep it presentable.

I don't remember much else about being born. My mother tells us that with each of her (six) kids, she had a different craving during her pregnancy. Sugar cane for my eldest brother. Mangoes for my older sister. I was the third child and she swears that she had no craving at all. I think that's because I was all that she ever wanted in life. The first two were just practice babies. It's true, she never outright says it, but everyone knows that I am her favorite, even with the narly mole.

I'll have to ask my mom more about the details of my early days. I can just imagine though. After the third child, wouldn't any sane person say no more, this hurts too much. But my mother, god bless her, is one tenacious lady, and I was blessed with three younger siblings.

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