April 09, 2011


what a life it's been so far. so many things i've learned and so many setbacks along the way, so many stumbles towards happiness. it's always been a two step, two steps forward, one step back and back again. little by little i hope and am certain i will achieve my dreams. what are my dreams? i don't know exactly, what i do know is that they these dreams will fulfill all my six human needs, and from there I will continue to grow and contribute, I don't know I believe somewhere, dormant, sleeping inside of me a beautiful spirit a sleeping giant, slumbering inside of me, a great person ready ato emerge when he's ready and a kind gentle giant, ready to rock and rip this world.
I see a vision, i used to reminisce, now i'm into futuring, i'm into imaging life as it will be, that i can imagine it will be better than it is. a place where babies are abundant and flowing with love and I'm significant in their lives,. Am i not already doing that now? I can talk to Marie ah, i see, perhaps she sees it as a limited action, well we'll see. it has to benefit me in some way for it to sustain. wow, this is really something amazing. I produce all these films and they help to raise funds. funds for what? what do you need funds for when you've got all of these volunteers doing the work for you. who doesn't love babies, but when it's time for real contribution, let's see where it goes from here.

let's imagine a beautiful future. a future whee there is love and connection all around me where i have a care team that rocks this joint and i feel strong in love, i feel that there is abundance, that there will be love for us all. That I have much to give, that I am strong, that I can give and give b/c I have conditioned myself to and fined the rewards so amazing.
I imagine a life where I am certain that my needs will be met a life that I know even though change lies ahead that I will be able to take on whatever comes my way. That I have a support system that keeps me strong, that keeps me grounded. A life where there is abundant variety, where there is much to do and surprises along the way. A life where I feel needed by others and significant in the lives of others and that I have a unique love to offer and that I believe that inside each of us there is a sleeping giant, read to awake and to contribute. The idea of human potential, the human potential movement.

I imagine a life where I continue to grow as a person, where my skills continue to grow and a place to contribute. thank you for this wonderful crazy beautiful life.

April 06, 2011


each time I fall it always scares me that I'll never return and yet each time when I do eventually get back on the saddle I am reconfirmed, reassured, that this too shall pass.