June 18, 2008

Life Experiement: Giving Up T.V.

I notice that whenever I am super stressed upset or whatever, I invariably go for the remote. That's right, good ole tv; nothing like it to numb the pain away.

Where did I pick up this as my preferred coping mechanism? Not sure, but what I am sure about is that I am giving up television for the next thrity days, that includes television, cable, film, an dall forms on online televisin. An experiement to see if I am gothe quality of my life increases without television of any kind.

My theory is that I will be much more productive. This sounds obvious, but for 5 or so years now I have been in a cycle of strive, strive, strive, hit a wall, get frustrated, seek comfort in fthe form of television. Get numb. Mispend my youth, feel badly. Get back on the saddle. Repeat.

Well I will try to put a kink in that cycle by giving up t.v. My hope is when I hit my next wall, which is inevitable, I will rely on reading and writing as coping mechanisms over television. This will prove to make a positive change. There so much good television to watch, but I hear that there's also a lot of life to live also.

June 01, 2008

What We're Looking For May Be Closer To Home

I want write story about all my searching and looking for something through my solo travels when my dad's acceptance was what I really longed for the whole time.