August 31, 2012

Daily Journal

+ I've been given advice to count my blessings each and every day, and in every moment: I have so much free time, freedom to choose to do whatever I want with my time.  I will try to paint today?
+ experienced the bus ride to UT tonight in a state gratitude.   life when filtered through this lens is quite grand.  how to cultivate this state as much as possible
+ asked the desk clerk at the library why he's so happy today, he replied, "well, I have a job and don't have too many things to worry about and it can always be worse."
gratitude freedom
+ lemon to lemonade pain to painting 

August 29, 2012

Daily Journal

+ interesting massage with a happy indian
+ got std tested today.  interesting conversation with another girl there
+ got an awesome 4 hand massage from Ayo and Grant

August 28, 2012

Daily Journal

+ juggled at Rec Center with Moni
+ the clouds looked beautiful this evening
+ looking forward to getting paid to teach acro to Nash and his kids
+ yay! discovered free

August 27, 2012

Daily Journal

+ Met up with moni at Barton Springs this morning.  Funny how I've taken for granted this natural pool.
+  Feeling a bit off with the early morning wakeup.  Need to do that a little more gradually?
+ Grant stopped by.  He's unusual for sure.  
+ Swam 4 laps at Barton pool!  Yea!  (the short width)

August 26, 2012

Daily Journal

+ hmm.  there is time, but don't wait too long. 
+ great time at barton springs teaching acro to Los Angeluses
+ Good talk with Moni, I'm grateful to share my life with her.  Need to come to an understand of how grateful.  Take her away for a little bit.

August 25, 2012

Daily Journal

+ let's start the day with a change of scenery
+ some people seem to feel happier than others.  Searching for my reasons to be happy today.  Do I need a reason?
+ got a peek of my littlest neighbor, baby Alchemy, growing each time i see her.  She's so adorable I could lather her in barbecue and chew me a chunk of her drumstick legs.
+ learn how to enjoy the process of learning, as it will be how you spend the majority of your time

August 24, 2012

Daily Journal

+ Three things I'm grateful for today: familiar faces, time to heal, nutrition, journals!
+ thank god for giants who stand before me, for on their shoulders do i stand
+ thank god for body awareness - the ability to feel something, anything, even pain.
+ the negative self talk gnomes are vicious today.  time to take them out.
+ either my body is getting weaker or my mind.  can't figure out why my muscles feel fatigued all the time.

August 23, 2012

Daily Journal

+ focus on what feels good not just what looks good
+ falling in love again with writing, which I see more as putting words created in the mind down in written form.  I remember really being in love with filling compostition books full of my thoughts.  Thoughts I thought I would someday share with nephews or grandkids.  Not sure why I skipped my own kids.  Maybe that would be too intimate, too personal.  I wonder what it would  have been like to read my father's journals.  To get a glimpse into his mind and heart. 
+ why do i keep doubting her love and then it's resurrected with a supportive conversation.  How many times until I"m a believer?
+ fun connecting with juanita bus driver

August 22, 2012

Daily Journal

+ This mornings affirmations today begin with paying compliments
+ made a pot of beans.  hope this helps with my lagging energy
+ got to fly the director of Austin Rec Center's kids.  Interesting day.  I did a pretty good job at being resourceful and flexible when challenges came up at an acro jam today.  Made the most of what was available.  Enjoying my improved positivity.  Definitely something that needs to be practiced on a daily basis. 
+ had fun connecting with all 5 siblings via teleconference.  Ah, the Nguyens, what an interesting bunch
+ Thinking of remixing Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich" with some funky beats.  That would be cool. 

August 21, 2012

Daily Journal

+ woke up this morning a bit exhausted, but finding my power through music.  Currently listening to lots of Linkin Park.  I'm One Step Closer to where I want to be.  Stay strong and keep on truckin!
+ updating my various silly skills.  hope I can turn them into either income or smiles (something productive)
+ I am deciding today to making decisions a part of my everyday practice. 
+ reconnected to my inner breakdancer
+ today I am grateful for my bicycle, public transportation, and the interesting people of Austin

Daily Journal

+ taking inventory of my negative self talk.  It really helps to be aware of how critical I can be with myself.  Compassion, Dao.  Compassion, not judgment will move us forward.
+ box! box! I did my first successful juggling trick called "box".  I feel like I can do anything in the world!  yay for little epic wins!  ya!  watch out world I'm coming for you!  Success breeds success.
+ made some delicious green smoothies.  note to self, frozen bananas don't peel as easily as frozen plantains
+ practiced Spanish and learned the words peach (melocoton) and perhaps (tal vez)

August 19, 2012

Daily Journal

+ feeling a bit lost today.  the weather shifted for a bit last night.  Need to revisit my core values and beliefs.  What would I be doing if Moni wasn't here?  Likely getting ready to make it out to Barton Springs.
+ monica sends us articles on positivity.  Need to grow as a person.  Don't want to be negative for her.  Need to be strong and continue to grow.

August 18, 2012

Daily Journal

+ biked with Moni to MT Supermarket
+ got an emotional hug from Moni
+ sat with Moni out watching a summer storm

August 16, 2012

Daily Thoughts

- a chance to make a shift in perception for me and for others
- a chance to improve a skill and to gain knowledge
- an opportunity to laugh and connect with others
- This weeks Habit is to practice being aware of our gratitude.
- Being helpful helps us to remain in our gratitude for others an expression of gratitude for others and also for the abundant love that is already a gift inside of us.
+ I don't "have" to do anything, but I get to do lots.
+ I am unique, there will only be one of me, forever
+ learned some new thai massage techniques
+ connected with a juggler and a new nvc partner

daily gratitude thoughts

Daily Thoughts

- working on the school of Dao
- learning to live my best life
- put yourself in challenging situations. It'll be a learning experience and preparation for the next thing
- make allies. It's much more fun to learn with a partner
- spent the evening juggling and acro with Noah. Great to be around him. Very educational and inspiring.
daily thougths

August 15, 2012

The Seeker

I wake this morning with thoughts of improving my homeschooling experience. I really admire what I observe to be your continual desire to learn and grow. I remember my junior and senior year in high school I used to keep four seperate (ah! seperate is actually spelled separate - learning!) notebooks each a different color. They were all growth related. The green one I would take notes on physical growth. I believe the red one was for social growth, the black for emotional, etc. I had notes on "how to improve charisma". Notes on how to improve attitude, relationships. I distinctly remember in English class when we were suppose to be reading some novel, I would be journaling about, say, compassion and empathy and my teacher would be curious what I was writing about instead of reading the assigned homework. I would decorate these journals with some inspiring motivational poster I could tear off from a magazine. These went with me everywhere. They were my prized possessions. I was fueled everytime (everytime is actually incorrect, it's every time, two words - ya learning! or re-learning, more accurately) I made an entry. I could see the journals filling up, and it was quite the proud moment when I could see that when I was running out of paper. I think I honed writing skills during this optimistic time in my life. I'd love to recapture that hopeful attitude I had as an 18 year old. It's never too late to get it all back. reminds me very much of the movie American Beauty. Check it out sometime.

August 14, 2012

Daily Thoughts

- oh how i miss watching the bachelor/bachelorette
- i like that Monica is a natural woman
- teaching kids helping them believe in themselves is very rewarding, similar to teaching adults who have self confidence issues.  helps me relate to myself with compassion and strength.  Maybe teaching is more important to me than i think
- tonight I am going to focus on what I "can" do versus what I can't.
- thank god for music, and holy crap, thank god for acro.  Life would not be the same I am quite positive., and thank god for Monica Baker in my life.
- video chatting with Moni have been quite the highlight of my days.  How wonderful to be in love

dailies daily thoughts
film moni memphis tommy anise thuan road trip

August 13, 2012

Daily Thoughts

- attitude is most of it.
- This weeks goal: to spend time each day working on improving my attitude and see if i want to continue doing so by next Monday.
+ read one article on attitude
+ spending time remembering 3 things I'm grateful for
+ paying compliments to 3 people
- cantaloupe and almond butter is awesome, so is any tarty fruit with a nut butter.
- followed an asian man on his bike.  I think he caught on to me so i pretended that I was going his way and waved hello when he pulled over to slow down.
- life is like a box of chocolates.  I went to the store and bought me a piece of cake and ate it on the bench watching shoppers and families.

August 12, 2012

- I think I live in denial a lot and it's not the river in Egypt.
- things to accomplish before I'm 47.  Work on knowlege and skills - books/tapes/seminars.  work on emotional mastery.  positive attitude.  Work on focus.  Work on Self Discipline.  Take on bigger goals.  Work on limiting beliefs and develop our own spirituality.  Work on Character, integrity, honor.  Work on Time management skills.  Work on relationships/communication.  Work on courage/fears.  Work on career.  Work on physical energy.  Exercise regularly.  Health/Diet.  Work on generosity/volunteer.  Work on vision of my life/consciously define purpose and make it daily reality. 
- during a nap I felt a subtle warmth.  I appreciated it as God saying, it's going to be okay, Dao.  Everything will work itself out.

August 05, 2012

Pleasurable Activiites at Home

a) passions
drums1, sings3
z) all emotion
listens 2-3
watches1-2* w/ origami/comp clean up/sings/event gigs/repeats
h) relaxes
nap1!, mediate20, self-massage2, stretch2, comforts music. close our eyes1, peroxide in ears1, read and eat/snack1, pedicure, shampoo2, hot tea1, shower3
g) adventures/funs!
collect youtube experiences1, best of the web2, chat facebook2, meet new people, read1, learn new skills4, visit our life mindmap3, scrabble/online games2
h) interests
read bookmarks, celebrity news/cagepotato1
a) smittens, enamors
facebook pet/friends kids, punky brewster1, read, spend time with charla1,
listen to enamors/passion playlist1
y) sillies
talking nonsense on the phone rhyming in vietnamese1
Arrested Develpmnt, Frsh Prnce1,
Rubbing alcohol on butthole and balls, HP in ear
yahoo chat(room)
b) excites
play yahoo chess, read, watch concerts online
bopcu or mma
c) focuses
creates weebly, focuses music and tasks, home decor, pointilism window, art projects, paintbynumbers
d) social happiness/connects
tearjerks w/ find friends on facebook/ remember past love
e) grooves:
listens w/ art project
sings, drums, raps
f) inspires
read achievement motivation zen/ferris, watch film ideas, explore flickr photos
i) pain avoid:
j) tearjerks: sings songlist w/ memories of past

at home, base, pleasures, activities