August 12, 2012

- I think I live in denial a lot and it's not the river in Egypt.
- things to accomplish before I'm 47.  Work on knowlege and skills - books/tapes/seminars.  work on emotional mastery.  positive attitude.  Work on focus.  Work on Self Discipline.  Take on bigger goals.  Work on limiting beliefs and develop our own spirituality.  Work on Character, integrity, honor.  Work on Time management skills.  Work on relationships/communication.  Work on courage/fears.  Work on career.  Work on physical energy.  Exercise regularly.  Health/Diet.  Work on generosity/volunteer.  Work on vision of my life/consciously define purpose and make it daily reality. 
- during a nap I felt a subtle warmth.  I appreciated it as God saying, it's going to be okay, Dao.  Everything will work itself out.

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