August 05, 2012

Pleasurable Activiites at Home

a) passions
drums1, sings3
z) all emotion
listens 2-3
watches1-2* w/ origami/comp clean up/sings/event gigs/repeats
h) relaxes
nap1!, mediate20, self-massage2, stretch2, comforts music. close our eyes1, peroxide in ears1, read and eat/snack1, pedicure, shampoo2, hot tea1, shower3
g) adventures/funs!
collect youtube experiences1, best of the web2, chat facebook2, meet new people, read1, learn new skills4, visit our life mindmap3, scrabble/online games2
h) interests
read bookmarks, celebrity news/cagepotato1
a) smittens, enamors
facebook pet/friends kids, punky brewster1, read, spend time with charla1,
listen to enamors/passion playlist1
y) sillies
talking nonsense on the phone rhyming in vietnamese1
Arrested Develpmnt, Frsh Prnce1,
Rubbing alcohol on butthole and balls, HP in ear
yahoo chat(room)
b) excites
play yahoo chess, read, watch concerts online
bopcu or mma
c) focuses
creates weebly, focuses music and tasks, home decor, pointilism window, art projects, paintbynumbers
d) social happiness/connects
tearjerks w/ find friends on facebook/ remember past love
e) grooves:
listens w/ art project
sings, drums, raps
f) inspires
read achievement motivation zen/ferris, watch film ideas, explore flickr photos
i) pain avoid:
j) tearjerks: sings songlist w/ memories of past

at home, base, pleasures, activities

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