November 19, 2005

Romance as a Theme

November 19, 2006 - Sunday
8:43 A.M. Business School Lab Austin--TX

I begin my day today with romance as my inspiration. What is it about romance that makes many yearn for it. What if they produced a pill that you could pop in or a martini you could drink out that could produce a replica feeling of your first love; wouldn't that be just grand? With women, it seems that my romances have come and gone. I appreciate them for what they are, these short-lived flights of fancy, but times have shown me to not make more than what reality...only a moment.

But hey! There are definitely other sources for romance. Novels, movies, music; all three speak of meetings, courtships, and loves so thrilling they have the ability to affect romantic feelings in us. I think I just might write a love song for someone today and, perhaps, a break-up song right after. Can't have the sweet without the sour? Ergo, concordingly, visa vise...I don't have a damn clue what I am saying. I just thought that it would make me sound cool. Ergo, I am cool...aren't I?

Something from my college days has struck me. I remember having once created moods for my days by indiscriminately giving them themes. Like today - romance. Romance affects me. How am curious...How can I approach my day with a rush of romance, an inkling of infatuation, and a lot of lust? Comment and eProp me if you have any suggestions, i.e. books, cd's, videos, experiences. Until then, comrades! Vaya Bien.

October 09, 2005

I Love Ping Pong

Austin, TX Thuan's Place

Ping Pong. That's all I have to say; it's a leisure activity for me now. Thuan bought a professional $20 ping pong paddle hoping he would beat me. I'll tell you this, technology doesn't work on me my friend.

The weather is my best friend thus far. Why can't it be like this everyday? I want to take advantage while I can before I'm only left with remnants of memories.

I have an itch now. Time to scratch it.

August 25, 2005

Music Reason and Emotion

August 25, 2005 - Friday

Wheatsville Co-op -- Austin, TX

I am asked to show how I feel. How interesting is all I cansay. Austin is unique, that is a definite. I do belong here, yet I am bombarded. I am happy to have moved back here] with information, I am no longer bored, if anything, overwhelmed. There are so many ways of approaching life here, in Austin, I begin to lose my perspective. Initially, I came down here to pursue music, that was my approach, my final destination, performing cover music at coffee shops and open-mics, which, I no doubt will achieve, If I choose, that excited me coming down from Dallas.

It still does, [Oh, god pretty girls everywhere here in Austin, & my type, too! I think. Has what is important changed any? Slightly. The emotional 2 the extreme experience is now not only pure emotional stimulation (fun) but also purpose; a reason for the work. Reason just became more important than the emotional experience. For strong reason will bring strong emotions! Thus our answer to why we do not have emotional reason to feel excited.

July 17, 2005

In The Scene of ThinGs

PainTer Hall -- AusTin, TX
12:45 A.M.

I ought to be sleeping but find it necessary to jot down my thoughts and feelings. Tonight, I had a chance to "jam" with a complete stranger and fellow "blues" musician. I ran into Louis coming from work at Madam Mam's, a Thai outfit on campus. He drove me to the lake, (dude, that sounds both gay and scary) which I felt uneasy about initially but relaxed as time passed and I got to know him a litter better.

Tuns out, he's crunk on the guitar, phenomenal, making me feel a variety of emotions. First, it was beautiful to be by the lake under the willows with the water strumming along softly along with the rhythms of his guitar (i think i fell in love...oh, brother) Listening to Louis makes me think about my goals with music and if I could stick these three months pursuing it. Learning guitar reminds me of the past when I was just beginning to get to know Shristi. It was a cold feet submersion. a kind of "don't look, just jump" approach. In the mornings I play Incubus' "Whatever Tomorrow Brings..." everyday. Yea...*self-nodding

July 13, 2005

Making Music

July 13, 2005 - Thursday

Music In RouTe -- Amarillo, TX Making Music

It's been a good week since I've made an entry. Seems funny how we tend to write when we have something to share. This weekend I spent in Amarillo, TX. A friend of mine got married. It was an overall pleasant experience. In the context of pursuing music, I was asked by the bride to play/perform Elvis Presley's, "Only fools rush in". I gladly agreed and even volunteered a cousin of hers to do it "duet" with me. For you musically illiterate, that does not mean what you think it means.

All it means is that two people get to make music together...I'll stroke my guitar, grunt some lyrics, and she would hit the high notes. Well, from the audience's feedback, I got limited success, but success, nevertheless! I got several compliments from my friends; made me feel good. Some people even laughed at my corney jokes! sweet! I was pretty excited to hear their applause in the beginning when I got on the stage. Kind of encouraging. However, when I finished, I did not recieve the same enthusiastic response. Kind 'of discouraging.

Being the ever-self-critical artist, I kept thinking after the performance that I messed up here and there. I had a good time on stage and so did my "music-mate". She was soooooooo cute. Dang!

June 25, 2005

Dallas > Austin

Dallas Public Library--Dallas, TX (dhur?!)

Whew. Deep breathe. I started a new journey today. What do I mean? Well, it so happens that Richland College is short on funds this summer and will not have a second summer session which means there will be no campus life. Initially, I thought of returning to Austin. Campus life is always kicking in Austin. However, after talking with my little sister, I made a compromise to try and stay in Dallas but see if another college atmosphere can keep me happy and stimulated.

So today, I headed downtown to a community college called "El Centro". What a cool name for a college, huh? Well, the campus is pretty neat. I definitely like the atmosphere that surrounds the campus...pedestrians walking about, highrises that seem to go into the sky forever, the sounds of construction crews refurbishing roads..sounds of Life and production. Still, it does not come close to UT life. I know summers are slow at any campus around the nation, but at UT seems to retain it's vibe way past midnight. Well, comrades, I gotta scoot my boot. Leave me a comment when you get a chance. Until we meet again...Dao...signing out!

June 12, 2005


Older Brother's Apartment--Dallas, TX

Since last we spoke, I have been predominantly occupied with photography. I have an older brother who does photography, and being the best looking in the family, he's always asking me to model for him (okay, okay, so I'm the one who volunteers...but that's besides the point). My entry today is about stimulation. What about stimulation you may ask? Well, how about we start off with fire. Yes, you see, my friends, fire burns.

And when you place fire, for instance, a flame, under your palm, you will feel a stimulation, in the form of a burn. Well, if it's that simple, can we do the same for our minds? I notice that I get bored often, and I KNOW that being bored is not unique to me. Lately, when I get bored, I try to find any means necessary to get stimulation. A red pepper in the eye is not recommended. A bad book is neither.

I like music, especially hip hop done by rage against the machine. That's some good shi*. Actually, I write very much like rap mc's; improvisational and in-flow. Well, at least I try. When you write in the stream-of-consciousness style, alot of dumb shi* comes out, but every now and then, you get a morsel of insight, and you hold on to that, b/c that kernel can turn into something grand.

Back to stimulation. I was thinking today about a friend of mine's journal entries. This girl can really write. If you get a chance check out her journals at the bottom of this entry. Her name's Ann and my family knows her family since i was 9 or so. Well, she grew up pretty lovely and witty, too. Of course, don't tell her that, I think she's got enough of an ego to outlast and eggo. Does that make sense? Guess that makes us perfect for each other, eh?

Imagine getting two egotistical people together? Joke: what do you get when you get one big head with an even bigger head? 21/3 big heads. Dang, I'm funny. The beauty of having your own journal: you can write whatever you feel like and people can't say a darn thing because it is meant to be yours, and if they don't think you're funny, well, then they're wrong, because I am funny...i think.

OKAY. So, we were on the topic of stimulation, I would like to go about my day perpetually stimulated? Imagine that! I would go around poking at people asking, "Hey, do I look stimulated to you?" Well, it is getting to that time of my entry where I say sai-a-nara for now and I hope to have kept your interest to return to my site another day. Best wishes to you and if you need anything at all, gimme a holla. My number is 9723873.4650 and my photography site (under construction...the pictures aren't even mine...yet) is C'iao for now.

Check this girl Girl can write.