June 25, 2005

Dallas > Austin

Dallas Public Library--Dallas, TX (dhur?!)

Whew. Deep breathe. I started a new journey today. What do I mean? Well, it so happens that Richland College is short on funds this summer and will not have a second summer session which means there will be no campus life. Initially, I thought of returning to Austin. Campus life is always kicking in Austin. However, after talking with my little sister, I made a compromise to try and stay in Dallas but see if another college atmosphere can keep me happy and stimulated.

So today, I headed downtown to a community college called "El Centro". What a cool name for a college, huh? Well, the campus is pretty neat. I definitely like the atmosphere that surrounds the campus...pedestrians walking about, highrises that seem to go into the sky forever, the sounds of construction crews refurbishing roads..sounds of Life and production. Still, it does not come close to UT life. I know summers are slow at any campus around the nation, but at UT seems to retain it's vibe way past midnight. Well, comrades, I gotta scoot my boot. Leave me a comment when you get a chance. Until we meet again...Dao...signing out!

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