November 18, 2012

Day Log

Had a really beautiful evening connecting with Shin, country dancing with Japanese teachers, and meeting Kody from Brady and the bus driver that looks like Nate Marquardt.  Really needed a day like this.  It's been a rough few days battling some negative self talk.  Dao, let's come from loving kindness and remember to count your blessings.  You're doing just fine :)

November 01, 2012

- today i am excited about sharing my acro knowledge through a collaborative website, starting the month of november, and creating more intimacy in my life with new and old friends.
- went on date with my self. We bike stop for doughnuts swing park grocery lots of foods shopping exploring Austin.  A pretty girl would be nice too.
- nice connect with shin.  It's nice to experience empathy.  Makes it easier to give it to others
- gratitude is the antidote to fear
- I find power in appreciating and complimenting others
- I love food carts downtown and along lamar and congress. pretty much everywhere I've visited.  I would buy meatballs from some lady with a good recipe at the park.  There's some good grub out there.  
met a really cute couple at east side yoga. seemed to really love one another, giving each other massages. I want that.
- go get it. go get some
- Interesting how the skies can change in ten minutes and so dramatically 
- Wonder if i can see the moon during the day more often.  Wonder how many more things I could see if I were more observant
Why do gray clouds usually lay under white ones  
- saw a girl walk out what i think was the men's room. I've used the women's room before out of desperation but have never seen a woman use the mens room.  Was a bit out of the ordinarily . Turns out it was an effeminate guy.
- got caught in the cold without a coat so I borrowed a jacket from the lost and found 
- don't regret the past. Don't complain the present. and don't fear the future. You never fear pains that have already happened. you just worry about future ones.
- saw an acquaintance who appeared to be living at the homeless shelter.  Makes things more personal.  Grateful to have a roof over my head.
- loving the Halloween costumes! and getting a One hour haircut.  I know.  I didn't think it was possible.
- I saw my mom's friend drive by.  I wonder if anyone's seen me on my bike.