November 19, 2005

Romance as a Theme

November 19, 2006 - Sunday
8:43 A.M. Business School Lab Austin--TX

I begin my day today with romance as my inspiration. What is it about romance that makes many yearn for it. What if they produced a pill that you could pop in or a martini you could drink out that could produce a replica feeling of your first love; wouldn't that be just grand? With women, it seems that my romances have come and gone. I appreciate them for what they are, these short-lived flights of fancy, but times have shown me to not make more than what reality...only a moment.

But hey! There are definitely other sources for romance. Novels, movies, music; all three speak of meetings, courtships, and loves so thrilling they have the ability to affect romantic feelings in us. I think I just might write a love song for someone today and, perhaps, a break-up song right after. Can't have the sweet without the sour? Ergo, concordingly, visa vise...I don't have a damn clue what I am saying. I just thought that it would make me sound cool. Ergo, I am cool...aren't I?

Something from my college days has struck me. I remember having once created moods for my days by indiscriminately giving them themes. Like today - romance. Romance affects me. How am curious...How can I approach my day with a rush of romance, an inkling of infatuation, and a lot of lust? Comment and eProp me if you have any suggestions, i.e. books, cd's, videos, experiences. Until then, comrades! Vaya Bien.

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