August 15, 2012

The Seeker

I wake this morning with thoughts of improving my homeschooling experience. I really admire what I observe to be your continual desire to learn and grow. I remember my junior and senior year in high school I used to keep four seperate (ah! seperate is actually spelled separate - learning!) notebooks each a different color. They were all growth related. The green one I would take notes on physical growth. I believe the red one was for social growth, the black for emotional, etc. I had notes on "how to improve charisma". Notes on how to improve attitude, relationships. I distinctly remember in English class when we were suppose to be reading some novel, I would be journaling about, say, compassion and empathy and my teacher would be curious what I was writing about instead of reading the assigned homework. I would decorate these journals with some inspiring motivational poster I could tear off from a magazine. These went with me everywhere. They were my prized possessions. I was fueled everytime (everytime is actually incorrect, it's every time, two words - ya learning! or re-learning, more accurately) I made an entry. I could see the journals filling up, and it was quite the proud moment when I could see that when I was running out of paper. I think I honed writing skills during this optimistic time in my life. I'd love to recapture that hopeful attitude I had as an 18 year old. It's never too late to get it all back. reminds me very much of the movie American Beauty. Check it out sometime.

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