September 23, 1983

Saigon Oi

There's a song my father played sometimes called "Oh, Saigon" (or "Saigon Oi" in our language). It's a ode to Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known and continually referred to as Saigon. These cherished photos are from the Motherland.

Alot of these photos are of my older brother Rocky (Formerly known as Sage...and before that by his (however unfortunate) birth name, Dung. Here's Rocky at what appears to be an amusement park, historical center, or petting zoo.

Here Rocky has arm shouldering a cousin. He insists having not picked out his wardrobe for the photo.

Here Rocky poses in his overalls with my mother.

Brothers in Arms, Survivors of the Vietnam War.
Standing left to right: unknown, my dad, Uncle Dat, unknown, unknown, unknown, Uncle "The" (far right)
Squatting left to right are three unknown family friends with Rocky looking happy in his extended fraternity.