December 30, 2003

Miami, FL "Just the Knicknacks"

Hi guys. I am alive and well in Miami. I am currently staying at a hostel (another name for dirt cheap hotel for travelers) on Miami Beach and at the public library using the internet. The bus trip was faster than I expected and I am doing very well. I have my health and, of course, the initial vigor that someone has when they are in a new city. Naturally, the weather is beautiful.

I have met three friends already. They are with me now at the library. Two Japanese, and one from Malaysia. I still have not hooked up a pager, so for the time being you can still leave me a message at the Austin number below, but I will not get it until I check my message box so pardon the delay. I am looking for work this week, so as soon as I hook that up (hopefully I'll get lucky) I will contact you again. Until then, bye bye comrades...(If I sent you this letter that means I love you)

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