August 25, 2005

Music Reason and Emotion

August 25, 2005 - Friday

Wheatsville Co-op -- Austin, TX

I am asked to show how I feel. How interesting is all I cansay. Austin is unique, that is a definite. I do belong here, yet I am bombarded. I am happy to have moved back here] with information, I am no longer bored, if anything, overwhelmed. There are so many ways of approaching life here, in Austin, I begin to lose my perspective. Initially, I came down here to pursue music, that was my approach, my final destination, performing cover music at coffee shops and open-mics, which, I no doubt will achieve, If I choose, that excited me coming down from Dallas.

It still does, [Oh, god pretty girls everywhere here in Austin, & my type, too! I think. Has what is important changed any? Slightly. The emotional 2 the extreme experience is now not only pure emotional stimulation (fun) but also purpose; a reason for the work. Reason just became more important than the emotional experience. For strong reason will bring strong emotions! Thus our answer to why we do not have emotional reason to feel excited.