January 27, 2006

Hostelling International - Austin, TX "Reasons"

I need money, or so I think. There are some things that I love that require money and I need to be reminded of these things. I want to travel as I have today to the Hostel International here and good ol Austin, TX. I love meeting new people and such. The things that require money are the need of a car. It would make things just so much more convenient. And money to buy groceries so that I can cook good, hearty meals for my new friends and myself. And gasoline money so that I can continue traveling.

It would be sweet to win like a year's supply of groceries or like a year's supply of gasoline or like win a new car, all SWEEEEET fortunes that will likely not happen so work it shall be until I stumble on that meal ticket.

Went hostelling yesterday and enjoyed it very much in my opinion. Met a real interesting fella named David, the consummate freelancer. I wanna be a consumate something, and a freelancer sounds very sexy, adventurous, and...er consumate. I think I would like to continue hostelling until I find an even better lifestyle. Hostelling is great because you are always surrounded by people. And if you want your privacy, you can always go back to your room, like a dormatory for grown-ups, but a little better because you have a community kitchen to use.

Secondly, the ebb and flow of newcomers always keeps things interesting. You can meet awesome girls! But I noticed only one yesterday :( Haha, yea! it's like a dating service without being so blatant! I mean, imagine waking up and having neighbors to talk to!!! Awesome, I just love that, there is something magical about it all.

Thirdly, hostelling especially helps with my motivation. To be surrounded by people, I am rarely bored. There is always an invitation here and a new idea there. What I need now is to save up money for two things to make my hostelling experience much more convenient: .::1::. a laptop with wireless capability and .::2::. a better working car.

Hostelling International Lounge - Austin, TX

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