February 02, 2006

Urban Ninjas

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Austin International Hostel .::New Friends::.
In my earnest desire to prevent my nagging boredom, I went collecting trash from the lake. My ADD prevented me from keeping it interesting until my two new friends Marc and Nathan came out of the hostel and joined me. We made up a challenge to see who could collect the piece of trash furthest from the shore putting us in a situation to fall into the lake. In my attempt to be the winner, I almost found myself in the lake, That's when mark volunteered to hold me arm outstretched to keep me from falling into the lake, and then Nathan jumped in to keep Marc from falling in.

We also went to Cici's pizza, or what I like to call Le Cici's. The order of competition there was of course to see who could eat the most pizza's the loser would have to do public pushups amongst strangers. I finished off 10 slices and a salad, Nathan, 14, and Mark did a measley 6 slices. Now Marc is a 6'5" dread-locked, gangly, black guy, so the image is funny. We had a good time walking to and trying to avoid being run over by the traffic on Riverside.

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