December 08, 2009

Progress Log

What we want:
* a beautiful living environment with nice and positive roommates that share our values decorated very nice and looking thrift store stylish
* want to be mentally strong and skilled and always and constantly improving
* to be confident in our ability to get things done. To have created a valid, consistently approach.
What we Have:
* We have a lot more repeat activities for our Google calendar and tons of invites on Facebook for activities
> didn't know what to do on any given night
* We have a very cute, centrally located apartment with electricity, water, wifi, and two roommates fronting the bill, it's decorated pretty cute and always improving and we're looking to move into an even nicer living situation!
>living in a cold cold van
*We have a nice working steady approach with film and books and our wko program, slow but steady. Yes, we are making progress even on days when our feet is dragging.
*Our body feels moderately strong; playing ball like mad and running quite often.
* We have yet to go into a deep deep depression recovery period is not that bad!
> would get into funks for weeks at a time, we are slow as a motherfucker now but at least we are steadier.
*We have gotten skilled at minigoaling and option/qualities
* Learning better to not exert too much physically. Pace.
* Have rap beats and U2 to help us push through the pain
* We have nice stylish clothes that make us feel attractive, a cool hat, a nice jacket, and some cute shorts
What we want:
* To spend as 3/4 of our time doing things that move us into an emotional state while staying productive toward the things that are important to us.
What we Have:
* I have that list of songs I can sing and play
I can make a list of film projects I'd like to do
I've watched and read and seen lots and lots of art
We are able to put music to video
We are able to connect with others through writing
* Continuing to create more and more video work
* An abundant collection of books, audio, and film that will help us get through action.

Who we Want:
Inner (6)
Luong, Harold, Thay Pham, Anise
Middle (18)
Mother, Harold, Phillip, Tuan, Thuan, Cameron, Johanna, Ahmed, Anna Duyen, Bee, Shin, Katie J, Tommy, Anise, , Hailey, Kennedy, Wayne Wylie, Krzystof
Outer (54)
An Thu, Aubrey, Babe, Britney
Who We Have:

Inner (6) Shin, Scottie
Middle (18) Chris, Harold, Scottie, Anise, Thay Pham, Hailey, Kennedy, Wayne Wylie, Krzystof
Outer (54)
An Thu, Aubrey, Babe, Britney

we have many experiences with loving women
we have our friendship with Scott
We have beautiful memories made with so many people
* Did good to make ammends with tommy and salvaged a friendship
> would just avoid and let it drift away
Father understands we do not trust him
* We have more experiences of what we do not want in our relationships
* We have the experience of taking time to talk to tommy dang
* We have our sachse saigons facebook
What we want:
What we Have:
We've cut our expenses down to 500/mnth
* used to be $800/mnth
* Got our massage responses back up again with daily advertisements
I don't worry so much about spending money
I can watch action films and listen to grooves music and dance, sway and work 2 days a week
We have the potential to earn income with one of our many talents
We have a natural ability to run our own business, comes naturally and we are very blessed

Progress Log
motivation, progress, reflections

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