October 20, 2010

Volunteer Experiences Had and To Have

Volunteer Experiences Had
Blackland Community: Johnson House
VSA Arts: Face Painting, Austin Assisted Living Center
Sunshine Garden: Clean Chicken Coop, Trim Hedges, Weeded
People's Community Clinic: Storytime
Volunteer Health Center: Registration assistance, Landscaping
DSACT: Goodie Bag Stuff, Lamination, Learning Program, Women's Race
Austin Involved: Keep Austin Kind, Dress For Success, Arts For Anthros, Abused Women's Apartment Prep
Single Volunteers of Austin: ARC Soup Kitchen
Sachse Saigons:
Walnut Creek: After School Reading, Camp Assistant
Master's Camp: Camp Counselor - Horseback, pool cleaning
Blue Dragon:
East Dallas Counseling: ESL Class, Office Help
Settlement Home
Volunteer Experiences to Have
People's Community Clinic: Film work, Massage Day
Trees For Pease:

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