May 26, 2012

April review May goals

April Habits formed drink gallon of water a day, empathize with others while interacting, 
May Habits to Form
* 1. Consume at least one serving of milk and peanut butter shake and one serving of spinach/kale smoothie; this means planning ahead to get supplies and blending ingredients.
* 2. P.L.A.Y. the day (blog entry) tasks, events
 4. Empathizing; in person, over the phone, by chat, or role-playing
? If we don't practice we will lose Monica someday
2. At least one serving of beans and rice
3.  Nourishing spirit; sing, yoga, revisit our reasons blog post
5. Do one fun project/event each day
May Outcomes to Create
Important Musts
2. To have accrued at least 30/17 P.L.A.Y. points
-  P.L.A.Y. is an acronym i use to create more fun with tasks that I don't inherently want to do.  I try to focus on how I can make that particular task more P.leasurable P.urposeful/Significant L.oving/Connection A.ffirming/Personal Growth
4. To have have earned at least 30 empathy points
5. To have reached out to at least 15/8 people I normally would not initiate connection with (hot girls)
11.  Define what qualities make for great relationships: communication, mutual giving
12.  Define what qualities make for a great life
For Fun
8. To have Monica take our OkCupid test
7. volunteer with friends (Say Om w/ Bill and Noah, Meals on 2 Wheels x3, Food Not Bombs, Blind Ride)
9. To have recorded at least 15/10 songs
☺ 10. To have practiced 30 hours of acro
13.  Pay 30/3 compliments
14. Spend time just reading Rumi to Moni
1. To have shared 18/9 units with Monica without sight including walking, eating, taking the bus, acro, riding tandem (possible?)  ? To earn trust
6. upgrade our wardrobe
by Aug. 4th Outcome
☺ Perform acro for a cause we care about.
Get Food Stamps
Create Own Learning Man Festival

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