September 15, 2012

Daily Journal

+ taught acro to two cousins, not my cousins, just kids who were cousins.  Then I taught a brother and his little sister.  Really made my day.  Kids remind you to be joyful.
+ hung out at central market today and saw a black man with a white woman.  If you know central market you realize that it's predominantly white.  I understood how he must have felt because I went to a supermarket in a hobumkin town in Mississippi with Monica and felt a lot of eyes on me (probably of my own fabrication)  so I made a point to make out with her so everyone could see we were together.  That was a fun day.
+ a girl spilt some water so I offered her a towel.  I think she thought I was hitting on her but really I just wanted her to leave so that I could whitebox her leftovers.
+ learned high ninjastar . Bounce juggling. Flew  kids who were brothers at the jam.  Can't pinpoint what it is but their family is a bit strange, likely homeschooled or fundamentalist of some kind.  They sure love their acro tho!  We do attract a bunch of weirdos, me included ;p

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