May 21, 2004

On Romance

Richland College--Dallas, TX

So where does the story go? What a fun question to ask ourselves regarding our lives. Man! I have been without a "girlfriend" for a year and a half. And a stud like me? Hehe. Well, I do have someone I think about a lot, but I gave up on romance a long time ago. I mean, sure, romance is GREAT in books, on film, and in songs. But, who are you kidding? Romance between two people. Such things are not meant to last.

NO! I am not a bitter humbug who got dropped by his ex-girlfriend. Who me? haha. Nah, it's actually how I felt about romance before I got involved. Friendship, now that's something different. Friendships can last. But the nature of romance will come and go. I am trying to find love in the arts: music, narration, nature. Why? I have one experience I hold near and dear to my heart. There was a pleasant summer day last year I spent by the lake at Richland College.

A friend and I spotted a very attractive girl sitting by herself on a bench by the lake talking on her cell phone. We both could not help but oggle at how the sun shined on her. However, something inside me told me to pay attention to the bench that she was sitting on. Yes, the bench. So I spent the next 10 minutes zoning in on the bench underneath her. Sure enough and shortly after, the girl left, still on her cell phone.

My friend's gaze followed her direction while my eyes where glued on the bench. Then and there I found true appreciation. You see, the girl comes and goes...but the, my. The bench remains; sturdy, dependable, functional. Imagine being sat on by an incredible number of asses of all shapes, sizes, and (most unfortunately) smells, yet, remaining true to one's purpose: to provide a basic necessity. I admire that bench and I still do. Whenever I stride by it, not only do I sit on it, but I meditate, talk to, and even pet it (at times). Well, that's all friends. This is Dao signing out. Until we meet again. :)*

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