July 06, 2004

University Towers -- Austin, TX

Well, I made it down here in one piece. I am grateful to have this chance to pursue a dream, a dream I cannot exactly define, but it borders along the lines of making money as a music performer. Just now I ran into a celebrity impersonator/vocalist named Mark Danube. See, what he does is use his voice to mimic stars...like Elvis, Madonna...yes, Madonna (he's got a 7-octave voice apparently). I think that's pretty neat. I bet he gets a kick out of doing his job.

Before I left from Dallas, my older brother, Dzung, sat down and said that he was not convinced that going down to Austin is the best choice amongst my choices. I tell him that I did not make the decision to move down here rashly; that I have thought about this a lot and, most importantly, that I am following my heart. He asked me one question I will try not to forget. It was, "How long will it take for you to get really good (at your craft)?" I respond, "my entire life." He says, "good, that is the answer that I am looking for."

What we were talking about here is not the likelihood of me succeeding in music, rather, how long it will take. I assured him that I am past my nai$B!/(Jve days of believing that success comes overnight. We reiterated my need for self-discipline and for a mentor; one who has "hit the ropes" so to speak. If you know anybody: a friend, an uncle, a co-worker, who is pursuing music as a career, please let me know. Perhaps, I could benefit from knowing what it takes to succeed at this game. Well, comrades, it's time for me to go to bed. I will catch you, again. Laters.

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