December 31, 2004

Parent's House - Sachse, TX "Last Minute Minutes"

Yea, so, it's new year's eve, cool beans. A day to prepare to make resolutions. I am writing this very hastily,. I rediscovered today that if you do things hastily, it can be quite invigorating. I enjoy doing things fast. You can make seemingly mundane events passionate. Hoo. Hmm. I don't know about that, Dao. Well, anyhow, I might spend New Year's Eve at home with my little brother and sister.

A quick synopsis of what went on the month of December. I decided to head back to Texas from Nevada. Got lonely to say the least. I miss the familiarities of home, food, and friends. Thought I might make a life in Austin, but it seems my parents, particularly my dad need my assistance in Dallas, so I think I will make a life here in Sachse, cow town, USA. I do think that this time around things will both be different and the same with my dad. I think that I might actually make bundles of money in my dad's established business. There's definitely potential, so I will tell you if I get rich. Then I'll have all the friends in the world, which, at the present moment, I think that I could use more of. Well, I'm thinking of signing off. Take care all, and happy new years 2005.

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