December 26, 2004

Prodigal Son Returns

Parent's House - Sachse, TX "Prodigal Son Returns"

Bo: "So, Dao, have you decided if you will stay and help me with my business?"
Dao: "Bo, of course I want to help you any way that I can. And that is what I am uncertain about my abilities. I know that I am capable of being a good salesperson for you, to get you work, I believe that there is always a demand for woodwork, you have a very good industry. One, it is, compared to other industry, very rare, Secondly, your skill is exceptional, no argument.

I have two things to consider in order to succeed with working with you. Number one, I know there will be days where you are not feeling good, maybe mom is causing your stress or one of the family, or your feeling the pressure, I understand, maybe not exactly because Ihave never had the responsibility of raising 6 kids but what I am saying is that you need to learn how to release your stress in better methods than become negative and critical at work. Nobody will want to stay, you have experienced that with many of your workers.

Number two, is for me. You are right about my lack of motivation. Through my experience working Ilearn that I have motivation to continue as long as the process is fun. My mind does not work with the far vision. You are right. That is one of my faults. Of course work cannot always be fun, I accept that but I have found methods to make working enjoyable for me. One is variety of work. Money does not work. Escape works most days. Taking lots of breaks/naps. Competition works. Specific time goals works. Some days, NOTHING works, and I just need to relax and sleep for a few hours, take a complete break for a couple of days, then I am good and ready again. THAT IS MY EXPERIENCE. Do not ask me to change overnight, it will not happen i guarantee you it. So here is what Iam asking as a work agreement, if you can work with it then we are in business. Sign here. :)

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