September 19, 2008

Hurricane Bonding

We got our electricity back on last evening and although it's been a fun challenge to go without for a week, we're very glad it's back on. The first couple of nights you look for some way to past the time especially at night when it's pitch dark. My neighbors formed a drum circle led by Desmond who is from Ghana, Africa and two sisters from Galveston. I volunteered my interpretive dancing.

We had a barbecue going and we all shared the grill (the only way to have a hot meal if you didn't own a gas stove). My neighbor Joel, a self-proclaimed redneck from 'Mizzurah' was so kind to lend me a little ice chest for the veggies that would have gone bad in my fridge.

One day at the Hilton Hotel (the one I adopted as my second home) my sister and I met a little girl who was looking despondent. We asked her if she wanted to play dominoes with us and ended up stacking them into domino buildings instead. We found out her name is Stephanie and that her dad works as the head chef at the hotel. She was so adorable and we wouldn't have met her if we hadn't gone there. We wouldn't have gone there if the electricity hadn't gone out. I sometimes ask myself if people come into our lives for a specific purpose and end up "we make up our own reasons, our own meanings."

No one was hurt from the trees falling here. But I am going to miss them much.

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