September 08, 2008

Third Times the Charm

I've moved back to Texas and am living with my big brother in an apartment near the Galleria mall. It's not my ideal environment. Too much concrete and cars. Although we share a car, we try to get around as much as possible by bike. We have lot's of fun here and I am blessed to have such a wonderful sibling in my life. Portland was great but I longed for the familiarity of family too much while I was there so I didn't make the most of it. Well, we live and we learn :) Don't you agree? This is my third time living in Houston and I think it will fair much better than the first two.

The video is my brother, Ken, who is rollerblading while I ride his bicycle and film him. He's quite a character and I'm almost sure you would enjoy his company. He's 4 years older than me but doesn't look it and definitely doesn't act it. I love him. The streets of houston are not friendly, but we sometimes give each other piggy back rides on the bicycle and think of it as bringing joy and individuality to the urban landscape.

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