October 18, 2008

Random Thoughts From Past Weeks

Listening to Countin Crows' "Perfect Blue Buildings" over and over tonight and thinking of friends new and old and thinking of the different challenges we all face. Some of us have kids. Other's still, like myself, are searching for the elusive place called 'home.'

After a two week layoff, my brother Ken is finally running with me again. He had been recovering from a rib injury that I inflicted on him accidentally during a roughhousing session. We ran for an hour despite the rain and I felt strong and focused. The maxim is true, two heads are better than one, strength in numbers. I got to visit my adorable nephew Pablo whom we affectionately call "Pablito", little Pablo. These two people in my life also happen to be father and son.

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Hanh said...

hola! cute about the dominoes and your permed hair :) Especially the amazing anticipation about the top most domino, amigo.