October 02, 2008

Urban Camping

I needed something to sleep on of course having $20 dollars to my name cuts off a lot of options. My attitude was I'll find a way. Homelessness is real. I was at the beach, beautiful! but needed a cot to sleep on. The Clay Hostel using my experience sleeping in the UT Theater department which I discovered by sleeping in the music lounge at Richland College it was too hot to do so in the car. An evolution of public camping.

It all started at UT. I was depending on friends and girlfriends but knew I couldn't forever depend on them. My college girlfriend told me that I could no longer stay. Looking back I can see how difficult that must have been for her. God bless her sweet soul. So many things left unsaid between past lovers. I needed a place to sleep. I was hangin' out at Jester Dorm because they have showers and found out that their were study rooms that students would use in the wee hours. I noticed that some students would take naps there sometimes "crashing" on the sofas. S I imitated, pulled a couple sofa section couches together left some books out as if I were a student still and pulled out. I would wake the next morning very early (the janitors came around 6 AM) and start my day again. It wasn't comfortable but hey! I wasn't out on the scary streets either.

I've come a long way. Most people think that sharing a room with my brother is tight quarters. I say it's all relative. My sleeping quarters have included and not limited to: theater back stages, band rooms, audition rooms, bathroom in apartment gym, boiler rooms (2), rooftops of hostels, rooftop of college campus, 24-hour study rooms, a dodge van, honda accord, toyota cressida, mitshubishi pickup, back of a van, countless hostel couches , couch-surfs, Walmarts and gas station parking lots. It gets either freezing cold or ridiculously hot. My brother, Ken, has done similar. Two hippies finding our way home.

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