January 04, 2010

our reasons rap

put your dreams on the shelf
don't compare with others, yo baby you got to know thyself
I only have today, it's where i'm starting from
yesterday is in the past gotta focus right now on building my momentum
and i try to dig for what's inside
gotta keep my eyes on the big picture, the prize
to build our reason tree
must show some consistency
in me i must trust
slow as i might be, to have faith in the tortoise
push through the pain, keep on believing, you'll transcend through the pain, you're conceivin'
hurts so bad, wish it'd go away
i'm not a fad, yo, i'm here to stay
Searching for my reason, my reason to be
if not, yo man, I cease to be
Gotta continue, continue getting stronger
Gotta endure, gotta last longer
These are my reasons to be,
If I want to change the world, I got to start with me.
My hands are small, i know, this much is true
But my hands are my own, yo, man they must do
can't rise above it??
it starts with self love
reasons everything is predicated on this
when i feel like caving in, yo I must resist
gotta believe reasons are my breakthrough
goddamn will i let this cycle continue
set the pace that you go
set the pace for yourslef, the self you know
don't feel like i'm making progress
the more i strive the more I feel movement is less
gotta hold on strong
hope is here, jesus has helped me all along
rise above, awake! sleeping giant
when you tear me down i will be defiant
i'm my worse enemy
this cannot be the end of me
gotta stay
eat, love, and pray
live laugh love, give your best everyday
let the cards fall where they may
i only see one set of footsteps, i ask jesus where have you been all my life
jesus says he's been carrying me all this time
jesus died for our sins this much is true
all i ask in return is the best in you
don't give up
keep your eyes on the prize, don't let up
my mind is tired, i need to rest
it's at these times that i can push, give my best
jesus died on the cross
for our gain, his life he loss
inspire stay strong
help each other along
need a day to rest and just relax
mind body and soul do not tax
gotta continue to believe
gotta add the reasons to my reasons tree
dig deep in my heart
dig deep underground for a new start
strain my ears for a sound
for my spirit digging underground
my siren song
other's people's pain, makes me strong
what are my reasons todain?
what are my pleasure and pains?
Lotta daily pains
gotta maintain
when my situation seems dire
dig underground a mole in a whole, i must inspire
before i turn gray
i got too much time
gotta use it to bust some rhymes
i don't want all the money
it's just not me
i'm like no other
asisn hippie from an asian mother
tooth hurts like a mother fucker
why must i continue to suffer?
gotta believe in my mind
keep hope alive, who knows what i may find?
what do i for my life have to show
when i die this i must know

Domestic Violence and other social issues
child was beatin'
this cycle keeps repeatin'
this is how life is, hard as a rock
no sir, not on my clock
break the silence
stop the violence
change me as a man
no need to use violence, no need to raise a hand
why did you have to raise a hand
did it make you feel more in command?

the newspapers keep him warm
the vultures about lurking, swarm
being able to connect to your own soul
that's the deepest connection you know

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