February 01, 2010

January Review


* went on a heavy metal fitness bicycle ride. i could not keep up, they were so so fast! but decided to continue at my own pace anyways. good for you, Dao! (pat on the back).

* figured out how to download and convert youtube videos! wow! i didn't know if i could do it!

* attended Thuan's Summit Elementary Teachers Talent show. The kids were so cute.

* putting our model plane together and succeeding that was really cool, very proud of you dao you found a way to do it, take your time you don't have to do it all at once, when the momentum is there then focus and go, take a break. flew plane for first time and almost hit a family walking their dog, be mindful of others, dao. it was really exciting getting our plane put together.

* got a job as a black jack dealer at the austin convention center.

Lessons Learned
> recall the lesson that it's not about winning but about constant and never-ending improvement (CAN-I)
> we all progress at different rates and at different ares in our lives and focus on the task at hand and what we can control.

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