February 19, 2010

8 things about me

I am being offered $600 to have my wisdom teeth removed. I asked them which one was my sweet tooth, the one I get from my mom.

You know how Gorbachev the former Russian leader has that huge birthmark on his forehead? Well, in addition to the teardrop mole on my brow I have an equally impressive gorbachev on my left thigh.

I am the hairiest among the five men in my family. My darling sisters, bless their hearts, are pretty darn close.

My biggest fear is dying and believing that my life had not mattered.

I've always wanted to be adopted by different families. First it was a Black family because I wanted to see what it would be like to be so open and frank with one another. Then it was a Hispanic family to see what it would be like to have huge parties all the time. A different culture for every week of the month.

People tend to believe more in me than i sometimes do myself. And sometimes vice versa. And then, when the cosmos align, the image others have of me and that which I hold for myself match up. That about covers this particular thought.

I have extremely long toes on an averaged sized foot. Am not sure if that accounts for anything other than "springy" hops and the ability to use chopsticks if I were so inclined to develop that talent.

I'd love to be in a boy band, perhaps an all-asian 80's tribute band. I believe that would be a first. A wikipedia search confirms my intuition. The closest thing is an rock band called "Asia" formed in 1981 by four white dudes. Interesting. Gonna check out their tunes.

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lchrisr said...

Hey dao I enjoy reading your blog and I hope the dentist did not take your sweet tooth out.